Elliott posted a photo with a smile on her bike

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It’s a good sign for Harvey Elliott, the far future Liverpool midfielder, who recently poste a picture of himself riding a bike. Even though he had just broken his ankle in the middle of last month.

Liverpool’s youngster Harvey Elliott posted a picture of himself riding a bike on his personal Instagram on Tuesday, October 5, 23 days after his injury. severely on the left ankle

     The 18-year-old has suffered a fractured left ankle after being hit by Leeds United defender Pascal Strauch during the Reds’ 3-0 win over Leeds United. Sunday September 12

Although it is unclear when he will return to play again, while “Reds” team doctor Jim Moxon has said there will be no rush for Elliott. Fit is back to help the team. But a recent photo on Instagram of Elliott riding a bike in a good mood with the caption “Step by step day by day” is a good sign. And there is a chance that the News will be able to return to the field before the end of this season. 

      A few days ago, Elliott posted a picture of herself wearing an oxygen mask. to show the beginning of a rehabilitation program 

     This season, Elliott has made four league appearances for Liverpool, three of whom have started.