Owen lifted Thiago as Liverpool quarterback with 96% accuracy

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BT Sport analyst Michael Owen was impressed with the performance of Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara in the 2-0 win over Villarreal in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final yesterday, adding that the dimension of clearly the ufabet team. His deep-field pass-maker role is like a quarterback in American football.

Thiago took the man of the match with a total of 103 passes , 34 passes into the opponent’s last area , 9 long passes completed and the whole game was accurate 96.3% . Of course, these outstanding stats will take time. years before the release

“ I don’t think anyone doubts his quality when he first arrives. But wondering how to fit in with the team ” The comments of the former striker ‘ Reds ‘ 

“ Because naturally I think the doctor style is the #6 midfielder. But being #6 as a playmaker too is almost like a quarterback in American football. ”

“ But the Liverpool team didn’t play like that. They tend to use defensive midfielders like Fabinho to settle in the number #6. So Thiago has adapted and has been showing his identity in recent months. ”

“ He really commands the midfield, passing short passes , long passes, alternating precisely – for example last night it was 96% accurate.”

Consistent with co-analyst Peter Crouch , the statistic is not just a short – round ball, but many balls – passing from 30-40 yards away – showing the gold scale of precision.  

And ending with Rio Ferdinand, who interviewed the Spaniard at Bayern Munich or Barcelona as a smart footballer and visionary.