Solskjaer has good news before visiting Watford

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manager of Manchester United, has good news before visiting Watford (November 20) when striker Marcus Rashford, left-back Luke Choi Wy and midfielder Scott McToninay recovered, with only two Frenchman players missing.

Raphael that the store ( thigh ) and Paul Pogba ( thigh ) is a major race also makes Karen Village Road is not the first accelerated rehabilitation to Aon Training Complex of the building. Traveling to the United Arab Emirates hoping for warm weather to help speed up healing  

” What I want to say is that this week the team conditions are positive. ” Solskjaer said at a press conference.  

“ Obviously, there may be some people who are less likely to play on the pitch with a slight illness or injury. ”

“ But for Paul it will be gone for a while , Raphael will take. Beyond that, the trove is coming back. called the near future. ”

“ Some of them this week. and some people during the week But like every team, there is an active shin in the face. ” 

Another detail revealed to ‘ MUTV ‘ is that Shaw has recovered from a concussion , McTominay and Rashford have returned to full team training.  

The Edinburgh’s Cavani may not be name because of the light fitting.  

For the system of play may still hold 3 central defenders to highlight the results of the competition.