“Son Heung-Min” who may be lurking with “Blackpink’s Jisoo”

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News from South Korea When netizens were noting that Son Heung-Min might be lurking with Blackpink’s Jisoo after they both flew from Paris to their homeland on the same day,

Allkpop hit the news after trending on the country’s famous webboards. As the SLR Club note. The South Korean national team captain and Blackpink member Kim Ji-soo, 26, have some connection. It start with Son flying to Paris, France. for unknown reasons. This was around the same time that Jisoo attended Paris Fashion Week as global brand ambassadors,

Then the pair flew back from Paris to South Korea on the same day on October 5. This raises the question of why  Son Heung-Min will visit Paris first. Despite being refer to as being able to fly directly from England to South Korea to prepare. For the 2022 World Cup qualifying mission.

Netizens also pointed out that the bracelet the 29-year-old is wearing is similar to Jisoo’s. And the star even kissed the wrist when he scored against Bayern Munich in the leg. The second leg of the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League season, Jisoo also wears a similar bracelet to Son on her left wrist.

Back in September 2019, Jisoo visited the Spurs win over Crystal Palace in which Son scored two goals, which Jisoo himself shared on his Instagram story to the public. I know

Recent work in the field of naughty to play in the Football 2022 World Cup Asian Qualifiers third round yesterday referred scored just one minute before time runs out. Helped South Korea to slash a 2-1 win over Syria, making their homeland second in the group with 7 points from three games, two points behind Iran’s three-match winning streak, but five points clear of the UAE, the third-placed team.

However, although the relationship between the two superstars in different industries is still just a rumor. No representatives of both sides came out to clarify anything. But some netizens are cheering for the couple to get together. Meanwhile, fans on the other side argued that the evidence was insufficient to believe the news was true.