“The Glazer family” sold another 8% of the Manchester United into their own pockets

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The movement of the Old Trafford, the latest news reports say. The Glazer family, owners of Manchester United , the English Premier League giants. Sold 9,500,000 shares of the club, totaling 137.12 million pounds. Or around 6,307.52 million baht

on Tuesday evening. on the 5th of October (local time) Glazer family have sold shares representing 8 percent of the total shares they own. But even after releasing the said number of shares The American owner retains a majority stake in Manchester United at 69%.

However, according to news reports, The sale of shares in the Theater of Dreams this time. It is sold at a price lower than the stock market value. Due to the large number of sales. In addition, Manchester United will not receive any money from this sale of shares, even a red one.